The Metstar Shake is a perfect blend of an appealing rustic cedar wood look, and a neatly designed profile.

You get the natural pattern and appearance of a perfect wood shake with the longevity and strength of a metal roof. With our stone coated finish, many people cannot believe that the Metstar Shake is actually a metal roof. The Metstar Shake is available in several colors such as Brown, Charcoal and Teak.

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significant savings

Its elegant design makes it easier to manufacture and install, which means significant savings for the owner.

It does not waste metal and does not increase finishing labor costs, but still gives you an elegant and durable look. The Metstar Slate Plus roof is also designed for our planet. Not only does this avoid throwing millions of pounds of roofing material into our landfills, but the finish and colors make it very reflective.

Environmentalists call it High Albedo and we are proud to provide this at no additional cost to the owner. In fact, it comes at a lower cost to purchase, plus a lifetime of savings on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Metstar Benefits


Designed for our planet


Resistant to all temperatures


50 year warranty


Reduces the need to cool your home

METSTAR certifications