Toitures Distinction is proud to be a distributor and installator of Metstar metal roof systems.

Why pay more? Toitures Distinction relies heavily on Metstar, one of the best quality roofs in the world, which ranks fourth in North America and at the same time confirms the global growth of metal roofing.

This South Korean product, which is honored with the four major Canadian certifications, is irresistibly the most affordable in the entire industry in Quebec. And Toitures Distinction is proud to offer Metstar, which has made its mark in several major cities around the world.

We pay METSTAR products in Canadian dollars and not in US dollars, which means significant savings for the owner. The Metstar roof is also designed to respect our planet. Not only does it avoid throwing millions of pounds of roofing material into our landfills, but the finish and colors will give you a look and take your breath away. In addition, you will have a life saving on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Metstar tiles are available in many colors. With a 50-year (50-year transferable) guarantee and a price that beats any competition, the decision is simple. Save money, save the planet and get a roof over your life for the rest of your life.

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